AIR JORDAN 31 Slam Dunk, real and stylish

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【Where are you?】


The overall color of the shoe body is mainly black and blue, and the design is low-key.

The blue trapeze on the side of the shoe adorns the visual highlights.





【Design Highlights】



This shoe uses black and blue color, novel and stylish, the blue side of the shoe logo supplemented with shoes, not only beautiful but also highlights the brand's material, the shoe body smooth line design can be seen in the production process of superb, classic low Help shoes mouth version, comfortable and flexible.


【Collocation Guide】



This basketball shoe has a stylish and simple design. Wearing or out of the street in sports is a good match item in the shoes. The upper body can choose to wear a hooded gray sweater and then wear black slacks and slacks. With this shoe, not only can highlight the figure but also simple and stylish.




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