Air Jordan 6 cherry wood color analysis and appreciation

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            Those who have seen "Slam Dunk" know that the Air Jordan 6 Sakuragi is inspired by Sakuragi. The feelings that this cartoon has brought to us are indescribable. Whenever we see related content, it reminds us of our green years. Judging from the entire design of the Air Jordan 6 retro, this pair of shoes is indeed outstanding and satisfies our need to remember the past.







         In the color matching of the Air Jordan 6 Sakuragi, there are many places worthy of study. It should be said that this shoe is based on white, based on this, adding red and black ornaments. For example, the tongue part is black, while the trapeze of Jordan's logo is red. This adds a lot of movement and vitality to this pair of shoes. Some people think that white shoes are not very easy to take care of. In fact, because the Air Jordan 6 retro shoes are mainly made of leather, even if they are dirty, they can be quickly wiped and returned to clean. Degree.







        In addition to the color matching features, air Jordan 6 Sakuragi also has a lot of features, so many fans are ecstatic. For example, the shoes are more durable and have a longer life cycle. For another example, the actual combat ability of this shoe is quite good. In the basketball game, you can absolutely make you proud.






        Through the understanding of air Jordan 6 retro, we can know that the cherry wood basketball shoes bring us not only the appearance of the atmosphere but also the actual function. Choose a pair of Sakuragi basketball shoes to meet our pursuit of beauty and yearning for sports. This is what life is like. After numerous attacks on basketball, we are accompanied by us and cherry trees.

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