Black and Red Air Jordan 13 "Bred" 3 great reasons to start!

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       As the 13th-generation shoe-type popular high classic style, this advent is also considered to bring everyone a full benefit, miss the last engraved friends, no longer need to envy other people in the streets of cool black and red!



        The recent sale of new shoes is also very much, the market price is also particularly attractive, many friends are also hesitant, every day in multiple choices and difficult to start!



      There are three reasons why this black and red Air Jordan 13 is worth starting. We hope to help everyone's tangled knots






OG classic color


       OG first year color matching + Bred black dress + MJ kissed on the feet, this is probably the inevitable rhythm.



        This pair of Air Jordan 13 "Bred" is among the best in the 13th generation family. The body of the Air Jordan also has a 3M reflective effect, which is a plus for the shining of the street. Dressed in black and red shirts, black and red Air Jordan 13, this MJ figure, presumably is also deeply impressed by everyone's memory, spiritual blessing again enhanced.







Black and red dress is a wild choice



      With the calm tone of black as the main line, the bright red suede lining is perfect in terms of overall tone and texture.


        Black wild is a style favored by street players. With the highly detailed details, leopard eyes, leopard claw outsole, and 3M reflection are the unique features that shine on the streets.




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