The 1996 Classic - The Air Jordan 11 That Sparked A Frenzy Of Buying

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Air Jordan 11 is Air Jordan series, the last pair of using sole Air cushion basketball shoes (12 generation were adopted after AJ ZOOM), but compared with its ten shoes generation, 11 generations have better performance.

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Tinker at the time of design 11 does not determine whether the air will be wearing this pair of basketball shoes, it was Michael Jordan left the NBA, sad time for struggle in baseball league, 9 generations has just become the air through the alternative in the basketball court, Michael Jordan himself didn't like 10 generations, even in later return to the stadium, the shoes still can't become a part of him. But as questions swirled about Tinker, Jordan suddenly told the world: "I'm back!" It was March 18, 1995, and the world was seething with the return of the flying man. The next day the hero in number 45 went back to the familiar stage.


As a result, Tinker and his design team are more aware that the 11th generation will be a symbol of a new era, and he has strengthened the design of the shoes.

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This is the first pair of basketball shoes in history to have a patent leather design, which makes them less likely to be stretched, lighter and gorgeous, and more like a shiny sports car shell. The nylon on the vamp completely lightens the overall load, creating another lightweight milestone in the history of the AIR JORDAN collection.

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Tinker and design team used high-speed photography to capture Jordan on the court action, frame by frame screening and analysis of the change of movement state of tennis shoes, finally found the problem, and determine to join whole palm fibre in sole carbon plate. This initial application technology on the football shoes, has the effect of prevent distorting the shoe soles and rapid correction, tennis shoes after stress deformation, can recover soon, and give the defenders provides a faster startup time, in order to highlight the bright spot, they also decided to sole again USES the design of the bottom of the crystal. The carbon-fiber support plate also became the symbol of the future top basketball shoes.


The AJ series has not done much to design shoelaces in the past, and they seem to focus more on the hole or the buckle. But this time, the revolutionary fast lacing system was also introduced into the design of 11, which made it very convenient to wear off.


There is no doubt that, in terms of design alone, the AJ11 has broken through the traditional concept of basketball shoes, and a classic basketball shoe suitable for wearing, actual combat and a more formal appearance has been born.

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