To a generation of classic Nike Air Jordan 1

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       Air Jordan 1is the first generation of basketball shoes of the Nike Jordan series. It was born in 1985 because it is the first pair of black and red color shoes in the NBA so that everyone can remember it at first glance.






       Air Jordan 1 is the first authentic basketball shoe of the Nike Jordan series, born in 1985. The key technology of the Air Jordan1 generation is the built-in air cushion (sole), the upper is sewn with leather, and the hard rubber is the sole. Timely this shoe's technology seems a bit shabby now, but its special significance is the most profound of all Jordan shoes. It marks the start of a trapeze era and is also the birth of a brand myth. Jordan and Nike signed a five-year, $2.5 million contract to create the first astronomical price for a professional athlete's sponsorship contract.







        Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly the most story-like sneaker in the history of the shoe culture. In the era of basketball shoes dominated by black and white, the debut of Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” and “Bred” shattered the “old order” at the time and opened the glorious road of a legendary shoe collection.





        This pair of AJ1 is the highest exposure and most sought after in this series. The classic generation model, the bright red Chicago color match the printed text in various parts of the shoe body to demonstrate the cooperation status between the two.​

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