The 6 Pairs Of The Most Valuable Air Jordan In The Media In 2018

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The 6 Pairs Of The Most Valuable Air Jordan In The Media In 2018



The media SNEAKER NEWS brought us the best Air Jordan shoes from Jordan Brand as of 2018. Then there is not much nonsense, let us take a look at it now. At present, the following paragraphs have been posted on the official website of Mr. Shoes, and friends who like it should start as soon as possible!


1.Levi’s x Air Jordan 4


At the beginning of 2018, ten years later, the jeans brand Levi's once again cooperated with Jordan Brand to create a classic shoe type Air Jordan 4, which surprised countless cowboys. The Air Jordan 4, made from denim, gives the 50-year-old Levi’s classic Trucker jacket a new design. The eye-catching yellow car line, the leather shoes with the tongue and the Levi’s red label on the shoes all show the joint status, and the tooling atmosphere is extremely rich.

2.Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1


The new co-branded AJ1 covers the entire upper with cream leather, and the Flying Wing Log and Nike Swoosh are finished in pure white. The tongue and lining are complemented by a pure black tone, and the bright red Nike Air details are placed on the tongue and finished with a red outsole.


It is said that this Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 is inspired by the wear and tear of Nigel's hard-wearing skills. The large wear of the toe and heel is derived from the wear scars left by the “foot brakes”. Nigel wants to use this. Small details to showcase the passion of BMX and the uniqueness of this joint name. In addition, the most attractive details of the shoes are the Air Jordan 1 traditional Swoosh was deliberately removed, and the vacant part was applied with a 3M reflective coating. The reflected light was in sharp contrast with the yellowed body, and the visual effect was outstanding. .

3.Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard Satin”


In the recent Air Jordan 1 new color scheme released by Nike, Air Jordan 1 “Satin Shattered Backboard” has become one of the most popular shoes. However, this pair of people who have been coveted for a long time, is actually the exclusive color of Miss Sister! The color of the shoes is the same as the popular “crushing backboard”. The fabric is upgraded on the basis of the previous color scheme. The high-quality satin material is combined with the high-quality leather to create the shoe body. At the same time, the orange crystal outsole is added. While strengthening the sense of layering, it gives the shoes a more noble luster and texture.


Although the "Satin Shattered Backboard" has been determined to be a female model, the maximum size of the female code is 10.5 yards for boys, which is 44.5 yards in Asia, so most boys can still be perfectly controlled.

4.Air Jordan 3 “Black Cement”

2018 is the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Jordan 3, Jordan Brand brought the popular Air Jordan 3 "Black Cement" to this heavyweight.


The most noteworthy thing is that the "Cactus Jack" has a variety of colors in the midsole and lining of the shoe, which is definitely a big plus for summer.


5.Air Jordan 1 “Bred Toe”


The Air Jordan 1 series is already the most popular style of the flying sneaker family, and this new AJ has once again set off a wave! This time, Nike has ingeniously combined the two pairs of Air Jordan 1 popular colors into one. On the basis of "Black Toe", "Bred" is integrated into it, and the new color of "Bred Toe" is launched. So since you have a good chance of "buy one and two", you still don't start?

6.OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 “White”


This OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 "White" does not need to introduce too much to everyone. Its overall shape is no different from the 2017 commercial version. It is still interpreted by deconstruction techniques. A pure white covering detail is grayed with a lining. The familiar midsole “AIR” and the inside of the shoe are still preserved. Its blue car line and yellow trim are the focus of visual performance, and the overall style is simple.


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